The Tibetan Yoga of Movement

JULY 2022
YantraYoga Wellbeing Retreat in Tenerife

24 th - 31st July

Come to discover, enjoy and relax!

Participate in a week of intensive Tibetan yoga and pranayama practice, and meditation in nature, on the beautiful island of Tenerife.
Also enjoy Dzamling Gar, a little piece of paradise.

Discover Yantra Yoga
The tibetan yoga of movement

It is one of the oldest yoga systems in the world, of Tibetan origin, brought to the West in the 70s by the teacher Namkhai Norbu. Its unique form of movement sequences, in combination with the different phases of breathing, helps to coordinate and harmonize our energy, obtaining optimal health and authentic relaxation of the mind.
The practice of Yantra Yoga is based on the text Nyida Khajor, "The Union of the Sun and the Moon". This short and concise text is the oldest document related to yoga in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. It includes a brief description of 108 exercises, including movements and pranayamas. Yantra Yoga is more than a collection of positions: each Yantra consist of seven phases of movement and breathing centering on specific retentions of the breath, all synchronized with the rhythm.
It is a very effective method for everyone, regardless of age or physical condition. An ancient tradition, perfect for today's life!
This course is ideal for anyone new to yantra yoga, but also for anyone who wishes to strengthen the base of the practice, and go deeper into it. We will train the complete breathing as practiced in Yantra Yoga, and learn the following exercises:
9 purification breathings, a pranayama that prepares us for the practice, exhaling the stale air and resetting our breathing patterns.
Serie of Tsigjon, 5 exercises to warm up the body, loosen the joins and activate our sense organs.
Serie of Lungsang, also called "The 8 Movements", a fundamental part of the practice; coordinating breathing, movement and rhythm, training and developing different aspects of our breathing cycle and purifying our prana.
Rhythmic breathing, a wonderful method to gradually develop the capacity of our breathing in a safe way, and most importantly, with a great, calming effect on our mind.
Basic meditation techniques.
REspira Method

RESPIRA is a method that helps you deconstruct old breathing patterns, let go of the tension. It allows you to rediscover and enjoy your breathing. To liberate your breathing from unhealthy habits, and just let it be, in the clear presence of all its movements.⁠

Breathing is the door to our energy, the bridge that connects the mind and the body. If our body and energy are relaxed, our mind, too, can have little or no tension and really relax. Conscious, mindful breathing, mindful movements of our body, and a correctly and naturally aligned position allow our inner harmony to manifest.

Daily Schedule
Light Breakfast


Lunch break and RELAX


Dinner and RELAX

WE will have some additional Morning SESSION
"In general, we all know how to inhale and exhale, but usually we do not do it correctly because the breath is linked to the mind, which is very often altered and confused. We can clearly observe this fact comparing the breathing of a very disturbed person with the breathing of a calm and serene person. For this reason, it is important to coordinate breathing "

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu
Wellbeing package
4 hours of Yantra yoga and breathing sessions every day
3 Meals a day package
7 Nights of Accommodation
2 Massages
2 Meditation sessions
1 Excursion
€ 1170

Discount for a couple registration, users of Tibetan Medicine and Yantra Yoga educational platform and IDC members
€ 990
Discount for group registration (more than 3 persons)
€ 945
If you live nearby and are interested only in the course:
€ 315 / €252 for IDC members

Please contact us for more information or if you have any doubt.

A meal package will be offered. It consists of VERY tasty, healthy, and varied dishes for light breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
So, no need to cook on your holidays!
-Vegetarian and Gluten-free options are available-
We are choosing local, fresh products as much as possible.
*If you have any special dietary requirements due to allergies or intolerances please let us know at the time of your inquiry*
*Excursion: practicing in nature
During the course, we will go for a day trip and practice meditation in the beautiful nature of Tenerife. After we will have some time to have a picnic and just relax and enjoy.

The Place
The retreat will take place in Dzamling Gar, a center of knowledge and live tibetan culture, located in the south of the beautiful island of Tenerife. It is the global base of all Dzogchen Community Centers around the world, which is developed under the guidance of the Tibetan Master and scholar Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. Dzamling Gar is also a house for ASIA, Association for International Solidarity in ASIA and the Shang Shung International Institute for Tibetan Studies.

Residing in Dzamling Gar is a wonderful opportunity to experience the "Global Gar" and when you're not busy with our Yoga Retreat you can participate in the various activities, like Khaita Joyful Dances (traditional and modern tibetan songs and dances), the Vajra Dance (meditative dance on a mandala) and meditation practices, or just enjoy the swimming pool.

Dzamling Gar is conveniently located within close walking distance to the ocean and small beaches, a variety of shops and restaurants.

It offers beautiful gardens, a playground, a swimming pool, a community cafeteria, Bookshop and other facilities that will help ensure that your stay is enjoyable.
Accommodation in Dzamling Gar
Spacious and comfortable apartments with various settings will be available to participants of the retreat. All contributions go towards the maintenance and development of the Dzamling Gar project and of the Gars worldwide.

The Instructors
We have not one, -but three- experienced instructors who will share their knowledge and experience of Yantra Yoga, lead the practices and most of all, accompany each one of the participants, helping and supporting them in the learning process, adapted to each person's condition.
Alina Kramina
1st level Yantra Yoga Instructor
Alina is a student of the late Tibetan master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. She has been practicing Yantra Yoga for more than 15 years and is an authorized 1st level Yantra Yoga instructor since 2015. She is also a practitioner and an authorized instructor of RESPIRA. Alina comes from Ukraine and now lives in Dzamling Gar. Over the years, she took part in multiple courses with Laura Evengelisti and Fabio Andrico and participated in numerous Yantra Yoga projects where she worked as a model and translator. At the moment she is translating a book "Breathe as You Are" by Fabio Andrico.
Nataly Nitsche
2nd level Yantra Yoga Instructor
Nataly was born in Venezuela and after a long period of living in Costa Rica, moves to Tenerife, Canary Islands. Nataly starts her career from a very young age; first with dance, followed by yoga and breathing techniques, and also as a Thai massage therapist and infant massage instructor.
She practices yoga since 2007 and Yantra Yoga since 2011. She is an authorized instructor of Yantra Yoga by Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu; from 1st level since 2012 and 2nd level since 2014, as well as from Kumar Kumari - yantra yoga for children-. And more recently after becoming a mother, she also teaches Prenatal Yantra Yoga.
Nataly is also an authorized instructor of the technique "RESPIRA METHOD" certified by Fabio Andrico , since 2013.
Nataly studied special education, loves to teach, and enjoys it very much.
She teaches in Spanish and English and also speaks a little bit of German.
Thupten Rabgyi
Maditation facilitator
Rabgyi was born in Golok, Tibet. When he was 7 years old he entered the local monastery, became a monk. When he was 17 years old he met his Teacher Urgyen Tenzin. He was Urgyen Tenzin's attendant going around in the local areas by foot and learned meditation from this Teacher. Sometimes if the weather was very bad, Urgyen Tenzin was quite old and could not travel by foot, so he would send Rabgyi to teach meditation. Later he went to India and then to Australia. He was teaching meditation as a volunteer in the local primary school. Then a Buddhist organization promoting inter-religious understanding invited him to teach meditation with children. Then he ended up teaching meditation at mental health clinics and hospitals with the patients and healthcare workers. Then he came to Tenerife and has been teaching meditation once a week for many years with the approval of his Teacher, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. Rabgyi finds meditation a simple and easy method that is very beneficial to calm the mind and feel more relaxed.
"Yantra Yoga is Wonderful!"
Really, a wonderful possibility of harmonizing our existence practicing Yantra Yoga!
"Excellent Instructors!"
I am practicing Yantra yoga since 2011, and They are experienced instructors of YY. Very professionals. Also they are very kind and patient.
Elena Ignatieva
"Outstanding Yoga Teacher"
I am practicing Yantra Yoga with Nataly since one year and I feel very fortunate. She has a profound knowledge of the body, breathing, energy and their connection to the state of mind. She can give an expert advice in all these areas. In my particular case she helped me to overcome some body limitations, which I tried to resolve for years. Her good knowledge about the subtle muscles and the mechanics of the movements and breathing is very helpful for all types and levels of practitioners.
Czech Republic
"In Great Hands"
Alina's instructions and advice are always exact.
Knowledgeable of body anatomy, she introduced many different kinds of simple exercises which were super helpful for me, At the same time, she always creates a relaxed atmosphere)) sweet person....

Avda. Adeje 300, 38. Playa Paraiso, Adeje
Tenerife, Spain
+ 34 922 723 673
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